Wednesday, October 19, 2005

testing, testing, is they any body out there?

yizz-o, yizzo, ma lil droogies! whuthefukkizup? just as all must die to be resurrected, so goes the path of large mammal. we been woikin oh so hard for yer listening pleasure, that we dun fergot ta play any gigs out n about. well , hopefully that will all change in a soonly manna. what with our soon to be released cd 'divine' we is chompin at the muddafukkin bit, ma babies!! its all hush-hush right now, but i kin guarantee you mo, mo, mo in da fyuture. promise. so be patient, my perfect flowers, for the rewards we reap will be rokkin! luv, luv 2 all,- the Rev. Min T. Phresh


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