Monday, January 23, 2006

get redd-eye 4 da C.D.REALEASE PARTAY!!

wizz-uhtz izzz-upp mah drizzles!?! THE C.D. RELEASE PARTY IS JUST 2 WKS AWAY!!!!! Ain't that a kikk in the old ace? Well , the boyz and me been werkkin it ( not just jerkin it!) and are almost reddy fer the big-un. We iz takin our meds and gettin plen-t of rest so as 2 kick the livin crap outta yer very souls! AND I FREEKIN MEAN ITT!! The Distillery is a cool little place in Braden-tucky kinda off the beaten path there next to the Steak-n-Shake and the titty bar called 'The Blue Moon' , alil sumpin fer every body. So do not miss out on this treee-mendulous oh-kayshun! check out the band homepage for mo info. much love, my embracable yous-The Rev.


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