Thursday, May 08, 2008

R.I.P. Scott"Gibby" Gibson

the guitarist for TURNING WHEEL and THE AMAZING DOG AND PONY SHOW,( among many others!) as well as our sit-in guitarist for LARGE MAMMAL since jesus left a few months ago, scott gibson, passed from us 2 days ago. apparently of a heart attack. this is something i needed to write. i've just been too fucking sad to do it. scott was the best there was and it was my incredible honor to have not only been a small part of his life, but a member of several of his musical projects. as with many out there, my heart is broken. he was my twin brother from another mother. and my heart goes out to her as well. what a shitty mother's day. scott was a most human of beings. he was at times charming, goofy, brilliant, stupid,, well-read, endearing, intolerable, loving, spiritual, lustful, playful, poetic, understanding, and obstinate. most of all he was talented. fucking talented. he had a beautiful middle-high range voice and his playing...what the hell can i say about his playing that would come close to doing it justice? guitarists were one of our largest fanbases! i've seen him pick up a completely foriegn instrument ( banjo, volin, pennywhistle, flute, bugle) and watch him teach himself to play it. within 5-10 minutes he'd be rippin that thing a new one. and on stage, he was giving to other players, and just a whole lotta fun to play with! he loved those cheezy rock poses! on a bad night you would enjoy his playing, but on a good night, he would take you on a sublime journey. but, there was a subtle saddness about scott that he couldn't seem to shake, and that was a place he never let me into. as i said, a most human of beings. wherever he is, i hope they have a vintage strat and a marshall stack with a volume knob that goes to '11', waiting with his name on it. i hope they tell him," plug in and play as loud as you want, you can't play too loud here." and say hi to jimbo for me. love to all-minTphresh p.s.: services will be held for scott on monday, may12th, at the Jennings Funeral Home at the corner of swift and clark rd.s, at 6p.m. friday night, may 9th at the distillery, was to be scott's gig with friends chris guertin and dave clegg. we are going to use that opportunity to celebrate his life and music. starts around 10 p.m., the distillery is in bradenton, next to the steak n shake.


Blogger kat said...

I have on occasion wondered where and how you are.This is not the way I wanted to find out. I was stunned when Marvin called us last Weds to tell us about Scottie. The Creative Loafing memorial brought tears to my eyes. Our condolences on the loss of your "brother" What a great and talented guy.
Katie and Gordy Evans

10:59 AM  

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