Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my haid iz still rizz-aingin'!

to all who made the dreaded but necessary journey to braidingtown, we here at mammal central says:" THANXONEHELLUVAFREEKKINBIZZOMPALOOMADOCIOUS MA BABEEEZ!!!!" Oh, whatta reelie greet thyme was hizz-ad by one and (mostly) all. Ma deapest appollogeez 2 thoze who may have gotten too close and have any permanent damage, but Large Mammal corp. or any of it's subsiddiaries claim no liabilities and kin neither confirm nor deny any such rumours... Much dancin, Much drinkin, then mo dancin, finished off by a bartop filled with beautiful dancin wymyns!! beats a sharp stikk in tha eye on the worst of days! will post sum pix as i getum,yer humble servant,-da rev.


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