Sunday, March 12, 2006

April 8th @ The Clubhouse Tavern

Neu Mammal gig set four the 8th of April at the Clubhouse Tavern ( corner Bee Ridge and Swift-Tuttle in s.e. Sarasota) . Now youse gotta HUGE headstart, so git yo shizzle 2-gizzle ma drizzle! Performin wit us will bee the talented and rokkin Dragonfly Ripple also frum saras soda. mark it on yo cal-n-dars wit a pee. uh..i mean a 'ex'. yeah, dats it. pease in da hoodie!-da rev.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Clubhouse Blister-show

Yow y'all! Quite the rizz-awkkin pizz-artay! just a blog 2 letchas know dat the mamm reely appreciate allyall comin out to represent at the'house last nite. Very interestin show 2 say da leased! eventide rokked( thanx for the use of the lights guys!) as did the other bands ( who, due to severe brain trauma im not able to remember their names , please forgive an old man!) . Udder dan dat, tanks agin fer cummin oot! love,love.-da rev.