Sunday, March 02, 2008

birthday bash!

o-tay evvybuddy! satterrdizzle night, march da 22nd! the bungalow at 301 n. pineapple (corner of ringling and pineapple in downtown sarasota!) itsa gonna be my birthday! yayay! dat b right me droogies, anudda year olda, juss a lil bit slowa! show starts at 8p.m. and go til 11 or so depending on 'the man'. if yer in town, c'mon down! it'll be like a 'special present' for me! much peace to all!-minTphresh

thank you for the condolences

to those out there who left comments concerning jimbo's death, thank you very much. his death hit us all pretty hard and made us scramble around like outhouse rats trying to explain it. to all the friends of cheryl dunlap, and all the other victims of these heinous acts, we send out our best wishes for a steady healing. with all that i have heard, and i stress that it is only what i heard 2nd hand from the nice folk up in that area of the wood, jimmie was killed in the manner of about 7-10 people, male and female, from state parks and forests from fl. north to n.georgia. it was the same basic m.o. as the man who was caught after trying to use his victim's a.t.m. card unfruitfully. his name is hilton, he is an old man, he plead out to the n. ga. murder of a young woman, he will undoubtedly spend the rest of his nat. life in prison, so why should an overworked and understaffed police force have t go through the time and expense of prosecuting this guy for killing a mentally ill drifter ( which is i know what they thought of jimbo)? one of the police told a friend that they were going to check with the family, and if they were o.k. with it, they would rule the death a suicide under questionable circumstances. she asked the officer if that was how they normally did it, he quickly changed the subject. i don't know, just don't know. i got an email from someone claiming to be a friend of the paramedic who 'found' jim, and it described the scene pretty well, no one commits suicide like that! so much pain and so little justice. ah well.