Friday, December 21, 2007

R.I.P. Jimbo

to all fans of large mammal, i have just been informed of the passing of a dear old friend, by heinous and underhanded means. harmonica and banjitar player, singer-songwriter Jimbo Beale was killed with a machete in a northern florida state park. having known jimbo for about 17 years, i find it an extremely ironic way for such a peaceful and peacable individual to be taken from us. sure, he had his issues, but i don't believe he would never intentionally hurt a fly. if anyone out there knows anything and can help, please contact the sarasota sheriff's dept. even tho i don't hang out down there that much these days, i got to spend an evening with jim about two weeks ago and had some dinner at the bungalow. he seemed to be in good spirits, but he also seemed a lil more nervous than usual. for any of u old school 'turning wheel' , or 'dog and pony show' fans , jimbo was the guy that would get up during our last set with his harmonica, and rip the fuck outta some cover tunes, a few of our originals, and even played harp on the song '18wheels' on the band's c.d. rest in peace my friend, i'll miss you. here at mammal central our thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends.