Monday, February 13, 2006

Sarasota gig imminent!

dat b rot ma droogidotes. us, we, a.k.a. LARGE MAMMAL, will b showcasin our ill-lust-ree-uss talents etc.. @ THE CLUBHOUSE LOUNGE (corner of bee ridge and tuttle in sara's soda. ) I proclaim that it will b : FRIDAY , MARCH THE THIRD. n dat aint no lie. we b sandwiched between two yummy slices of rock bands also showcasing their fine gooods. the show starts around 9:30p.m., but we appear at about 10:30-11p.m. and play for around 1 hr. rokkin goood fun for 1 and awl. will shirts and discs b on sale there 4 supa cheep? HELLFREEKIN YESSS! so b there ore yule havta listen to alla yer feinds describin 2 ya how awesomely kikkass it were. peas in da hood!-min. t


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