Thursday, April 06, 2006


helllz-oh my lil postostees! time once a-gin 4 da mammals to get phat -n- sassay on yo asses! here b da skinnay: april the 8th, at 9:30 p.m. edt, ther will b a show uv shizz-ohs at the CLUBHOUSE TAVERN, CORNER OF SWIFT-TUTTLE AND BEE RIDGE ROAD IN SARASODA FLORINDA. OPENIN ACT IS SOME BUDS OF THE 2ND BAND "DRAGONFLY RIPPLE" THEN THIRD(and final) ACT OF THE NIGHT? DAT'S RITE! LARGE MAMMAL! we will go on sometime between 11:30-12 and play til they boot us the hell offa the stage. should b fun . Boil and I will sell t-shirts and c.d.s mega cheeply. so get yer asses out there or be quadrilateral. also,in the meantime, enjoy this photo of notorious b.l.t. , it's good fer ya. hopes ta sees ya there!-da rev.


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